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Focused, Personalized Business Support The Way Consulting Should Be

Technology should support business initiatives, but somewhere along the way, the consulting industry lost sight of that. Rather than wedging your operations into a ‘one size fits all’ monolithic solution, Envalo builds on your successful IT infrastructure — augmenting, architecting, and delivering solutions that directly support your business teams and objectives.

Learn about all of our consulting services, system integration services, and data and digitization services below. 


Business team meeting

“While discussing a security audit, I asked our audit team to work directly with Envalo because they know how to identify needs and resolve them efficiently. It’s become hard to tell where their team starts and my team ends. They are more than just a contractor – they embody the notion of a true partner.”

– CFO of a Global Manufacturer

Consult with Industry Experts

Our experienced team can help you to build a unique, profitable strategy with the following consultative solutions and services. 

Assessments + Audits

We’ll take a deep dive into your existing solutions to learn how your systems and process are working for you now, and how we can improve them with workflow and dataflow adjustments, integrations, and optimized performance.

Solution Implementation

Results require action. We can implement a number of strategic solutions, from research and discovery to integrations setup to feature configuration.

Custom Feature Development

Need a feature we don’t currently offer? We’ll accelerate it for you. Want a solution that’s specific to your business? We’ll work with you on how we can build and deliver the features you need as cost-effectively as possible.

Fractional CTO

We offer part-time, as-needed technology support to help you understand how to best leverage web technologies to support your unique business needs.

 Turn Your Goals Into Results 

Get where you need to go faster. Explore our additional services that will optimize your workflows and improve the quality of your product data.

Systems Integration Services

We can take your data from multiple systems that serve as a source of record and make it accessible to other teams and systems throughout your organization – not to mention external supplies, vendors, and customers, too.

Data + Digitization Services

Need to enhance your product assets or clean up your databases? We can digitize your schematics and extract data in support of our SaaS solutions enIPS and enAMS, and help you get more organized with data scrubbing.

A Balanced Approach To Support Your Growth

Our consulting is based on learning what you need and architecting a strategic solution around your immediate needs that will have the largest impact in the shortest amount of time.

We Learn

We ask questions to get to know your brand and your goals. During this process, we uncover what’s working and what’s not and identify areas of your business where we can create value.

We Build

We leverage your existing systems and technologies, always architecting solutions with your business goals in mind. We begin working in short-term, iterative phases with a focus on features.

We Deliver

We monitor and measure progress to see how new features are producing results. We continue to work quickly and incrementally to deliver additional features as needed.

We Partner

We work collaboratively with you to ensure our goals align with yours. We seek to maintain an ongoing understanding of your business and find innovative ways to create value for you as you grow.

Interested In Seeing How Envalo Can Help Your Manufacturing Business Thrive in Today’s Digital Market? 

Tips, Tricks + Proven Best Practices for Manufacturers

A man sitting at a computer doing custom development work
Forrester forecasts that U.S. B2B eCommerce will reach $1.8 trillion and account for 17% of all B2B sales in the U.S. by 2023. While this forecast was made in 2019, we think the COVID-19 crisis will only act as an accelerant.
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Industries that sell complex machinery have a daily challenge to keep those machines in working order, and it carries very real consequences. For example, nearly every factory loses at least 5% of its productive capacity from machine downtime, and many lose up to 20%.
According to a Morgan Stanley report, at the end of 2019 about 37% of enterprise workflows happened in the hybrid cloud (hosted or public). By the end of 2022, they’re predicting it could be approaching 75%. This is a massive trend wave which is no doubt being pulled forward by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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