enESM: E-commerce Solution for Manufacturers – The Way You Want to Work and Your Customers Want to Buy

Make transactions easier on you and your customers with this eCommerce platform that supports many customer-specific B2B features, all while ensuring you remain PCI compliant.

Unique Customization for Your Catalogs, Price Lists, and Customer Portals

Tired of trying to make your one-size-fits-all software work when your buyers require customizations? With enESM, you can create Catalog Entitlements, allowing you to match certain products to specific customers.

This solution is ideal for manufacturers who have:

  • Products built specifically for one customer.
  • Different types of dealers that are only certified to sell certain products.
  • Service centers that buy individual parts, not whole products or assembly.

With enESM, you can also:

  • Create branded portals and sites to ensure your customers have access to the right products with a seamless shopping and checkout experience.
  • Support multiple currencies and multiple languages using your existing catalog.
  • Provide your sales reps with various levels of login access so they can view orders from both a company and a customer perspective.
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More Features to Streamline Your Workflows and Enhance User Experience

Backorder, Pre-Order + Manufacture-to-Order

Let enESM integrate with your inventory management system. Split and queue orders, and only send them to your ERP system when you have the inventory to fill them. enESM will also improve demand planning and capture custom design specs.

Credit Account + Terms Payment

Pull credit status and terms, open balances, and integrate with your credit or PO payment methods to verify your customers’ credit. Reduce your call volume by displaying updated credit status and open order balances for your customers.

Customer-Specific Pricing

Integrate with your source of record, allowing your customers to shop with, order from, and download their specific price list.

Customer Service Portal

enESM includes information and pricing, order history, inventory, and order status without having to navigate to multiple systems.

Optimized B2B Checkout

Enjoy an optimized cart and checkout experience conducive to large multi-line orders, multiple payment terms, limited (approved) ship-to’s, and more.

Quick Order

Quickly add items to an order by SKU and quantity, or upload a simply formatted order line item format for speed and efficiency.

Metal machine parts

Get the Tailored B2B Ecommerce Platform You’ve Always Wanted Without Breaking

the Bank

Contact us to learn more about how enESM can streamline your customer transactions and work as an extension of our other B2B solutions.
With Envalo’s full library of enVent Suite Solutions, there’s no need to get rid of your existing systems. We’ll partner with you to identify your business needs and enterprise-level SaaS capabilities needed to achieve your goals that enVent Suite offers to easily integrate with all aspects of the supply chain.

Tips, Tricks & Proven Best Practices
for Manufacturers

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Forrester forecasts that U.S. B2B eCommerce will reach $1.8 trillion and account for 17% of all B2B sales in the U.S. by 2023. While this forecast was made in 2019, we think the COVID-19 crisis will only act as an accelerant.
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Industries that sell complex machinery have a daily challenge to keep those machines in working order, and it carries very real consequences. For example, nearly every factory loses at least 5% of its productive capacity from machine downtime, and many lose up to 20%.
It’s a given – your customer’s machine will eventually need routine maintenance or even replacement parts. Their entire operation might be forced to shut down while waiting for vital equipment replacement parts to be purchased, delivered, and installed, so it’s critical that replacement parts are easy to find and order.

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