Case Study

A Custom UI Makes it Easy to Search and Find the Right Solution

Do you have products with complex attributes? Learn how a custom interface can make product searches easier for customers

Client Background

The leading provider of genetic and reproductive programs supports cattle producers worldwide, helping them make more informed genetic selection choices to improve farm profitability. With facilities spanning four countries and a presence in more than 80 countries, it’s imperative to provide a reliable and intuitive interface with the necessary data for breeding.

Client Challenge

Dairy and cattle farming is a highly competitive industry. The genetic makeup of a herd can have significant outcomes on the quality and productivity of the herd and the product produced. Farmers are constantly evaluating the genetic makeup of a herd to monitor growth, predict mating options and identify the genetic attributes for top performance.   

The industry evaluates the genetic makeup of a herd across 70+ genetic markers. If a herd is lacking in a given area, farmers will seek bulls strong in that genetic area for breeding. Our customer wanted to leverage technology and attract a tech-savvy buyer. They sought to better market their bulls by highlighting these genetic markers.


We partnered with the client to develop and deploy a customized user interface. The team segmented the 70+ attributes into product categories and developed enhanced search capabilities to search by multiple markers. The results included search results and product detail pages that looked similar to how the industry typically presents data. It was a familiar format for customers that made identifying the right bulls fast and easy.

Business Impact

Our team successfully launched an integrated product attribute and search solution for multiple sites. The user interface design was so successful that the platform was extended to other business divisions. The customer leveraged the platform for tighter integration for Ordering, Shipping and Product Inventory Management. The internal international sales team also used the site as an order-taking system, shortening the time it took to collect and input orders. 

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