Case Study

An Integrated Customer Service Portal Saves Time and Reduces Errors

Are your customer service reps using multiple systems to service phone calls? Learn how an integrated portal can save valuable time.

Client Background

Enerco, based in Cleveland, Ohio, has been at the forefront of infrared combustion technology since 1955. This market-leading technology has allowed Enerco to build expertise in consumer heating products as well as heavy duty commercial and construction heating products. The company’s three market leading brands — Heatstar, Mr. Heater®, and ENERCO Technical Products — deliver safety and comfort worldwide.

Client Challenge

Customer service representatives in their call center were toggling between three and four different systems to support a phone customer. Each system contained necessary information to resolve calls, but valuable time was lost attempting to locate the details.

Envalo’s previous work with the Mr. Heater® brand effectively integrated back-end systems. The client inquired about how we could do something similar for their customer service portal.

Our Solution

We built a public-facing portal that integrated inventory, CRM, warehouse and order fulfillment data into one centralized business portal. By leveraging this same technology, we built a similar system for customer service representatives.

The system has several additional features including the ability for reps to co-shop with customers. They are able to see what’s in the customer’s cart, add additional items for the customer to review, or remove items that aren’t necessary.

Business Impact

The integrated portal reduced the number of necessary systems the customer service reps needed to use, with most of the information contained in one system. The department also achieved efficiency improvements because less time is spent on individual calls with customers. They also reduced the number of order errors, thereby reducing returns or future calls to the customer service center. 

Our partnership with this customer continues today. We continue to support their internal and public-facing portals while providing consulting solutions that ensure a superior online customer experience. 

“Our customers are often searching for and buying replacement parts from the shop floor, their garage, a construction site, so it needed to work great on all mobile devices. Envalo’s Interactive Parts Schematic App has revolutionized the service and support we provide to our customers.”

Pam West

Customer Response Director, Enerco Group, Inc.

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