Case Study

An Interactive Mobile Parts Catalog Simplifies Quoting and Ordering

Do you have complex equipment that requires periodic maintenance? Learn how an interactive schematic parts solution can make online ordering easier for customers.

Client Background

The leading manufacturer of electric tarp systems and components is committed to providing innovative systems that reliably contain and protect payloads, create a safer work environment for drivers, and maximize customer’s ROI. The systems are manufactured in the U.S. with an emphasis on quality and safety. Their solutions are used extensively in heavy-duty trucking in markets such as construction, waste management, recycling, agriculture and more. They serve a national dealer network along with state transportation agencies, large fleet owners and sole proprietors. 

Client Challenge

Their tarp systems are complex, with numerous motors, gears and other electrical components that require periodic service. Drivers must diagnose the problem and identify the correct part to repair, all while traveling the country’s busiest highways. With load securement a priority, replacement parts need to be identified, ordered and shipped quickly. 

Prior to partnering with Envalo, the client listed parts in a PDF document that was cumbersome to navigate and often outdated. The quoting system was also difficult and time-consuming to use, leaving end-users frustrated. Without an effective eCommerce system, drivers would often call customer service directly which tied up valuable company resources that could be used elsewhere.

The customer was also aware of the growing aftermarket for replacement parts. Third-parties were selling poorly made parts that weren’t always the ideal fit. The customer wanted to fight off competition by selling replacement parts directly to improve the quality of repairs and increase revenue.  

Our Solution

We partnered with the client to develop and deploy an interactive schematic parts solution that would work from any mobile device. With up-to-date documentation, the end user can more easily identify the exact part that requires replacement. The eCommerce component allows parts to be added to an order and quickly billed and shipped to customer info that’s on file. End users also have the ability to browse and configure complex tarp solutions and initiate a quote request. The sales team can follow-up with customers and interact with them easily without tying up the bandwidth of other departments. 

Business Impact

The results of the interactive schematic parts solution were felt across the organization. By providing customers and field engineers with real-time access to the latest parts list and the ability to order replacement parts, truck downtime was significantly reduced.

Sales engineers were able to more efficiently communicate with prospective customers during the sales cycle. With a better understanding of customer issues, we continued to optimize the interface and solve those challenges. The quoting process is seamless thanks to our work integrating with their back-office ERP system to load products, assemblies and components into an online catalog. 

Our partnership with this customer continues today. We continue to support their interactive mobile parts catalog and provide software and consulting solutions that provide a superior online customer experience. 

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