Taking Schematics Off the Page and Into the Cloud

Ditch your outdated PDFs and obsolete parts lists. Make your schematics and parts data interactive.

All Your Parts Data in One Place

Still relying on outdated PDFs of your schematics, obsolete parts lists, and hard-to-locate paper product manuals?

InteractiveSchematics revolutionizes parts sales, effortlessly integrating with nearly any current system. Our technology generates heat-mapped schematics linked to an easily updatable product data database. Say goodbye to outdated PDFs and cumbersome spreadsheets. Your dealers, distributors and customers can quickly and precisely identify the part they need, along with supporting documentation, videos, photos, and other resources – all in a single platform.

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How It Works

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Embed Nearly Anywhere

Embeddable within your ERP, e-commerce platform, dealer portal, or other legacy systems with no pricey systems changes or operational disruption

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Navigate with Ease

With a single click, users can move from the schematic to the shopping cart or to any number of other customizable functions—such as viewing parts specifications or opening custom links

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Access On-the-Go

Mobile-friendly interface for easy access in the office, on the production floor, at a customer location or on the road

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Scale as Needed

Easy and fast to implement for companies of all sizes – even those with minimal internal IT resources – and scalable for your future growth

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Keep Data Current

Ensure that your schematics and parts data are always up-to-date, with linked supporting documentation, videos, photos, BOMs or other resources

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Increase Data Accuracy

Eliminate the hassles and human error of manual processes, hard-copy schematics, obsolete parts lists, misplaced parts manuals and more

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Improve Customer Relations

Help your dealers provide a better customer experience by eliminating the risk of inaccurate fulfillment and unnecessary shipping costs

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Communicate Recalls Efficiently

Immediately identify and communicate parts recalls to impacted customers or dealers

One Click Functionality

Navigate the platform with ease and enjoy a range of user capabilities:

Add to Shopping Cart

Open Custom Link

See Replacement Parts

View Parts Specs

File Warranty Claim

Access Assembly Schematic

Access Maintenance Instructions

View Inventory

Call Webbook or Other Custom Web Service

Your First Schematic Is On Us

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