Case Study

Reducing Errors in Parts Ordering: Interactive Schematic Tool

Are you experiencing a large number of order errors? Learn how interactive schematic ordering can make purchasing replacement parts easier for customers.

Client Background

Since 1984, Enerco’s Mr. Heater® brand has delivered innovative technology and unmatched quality and service as America’s most popular brand of heaters. From its original tank tops to its patented buddy heaters, millions of consumers have enjoyed high-quality comfortable heat. Through innovative products, innovative marketing, and world class customer service, Mr. Heater is leading the way in portable heat.

Client Challenge

The popular heaters are often used on construction sites or in the field where they require periodic service and maintenance. Replacement parts are typically ordered from mobile devices including phones and tablets. The existing online ordering system lacked basic features to help customers easily identify model numbers and replacement parts. As a result, a large percentage of orders were incorrect, resulting in frustrated customers. They also experienced an increase in call center inquiries and order returns.

Mr. Heater wanted to develop a visual-based search using serial numbers and model numbers to help customers find the correct parts, reducing the burden on the customer service department and lowering returns.

Our Solution

We partnered with Mr. Heater to develop and deploy an interactive schematic catalog that would work from any mobile device. The ordering solution gives customers the ability to search by model, serial number or the year of manufacture to identify the correct system. Customers can then use a visual schematic to pinpoint the correct part or parts to order. With an integrated eCommerce platform, checkout is fast and easy.

Business Impact

The results of the interactive schematic parts solution were quickly realized. The easy-to-use interface effectively supported customers in remote locations and gave Mr. Heater a competitive advantage in their industry. The company’s internal team is able to upload and maintain schematics without relying on Envalo’s team. 

Call center volume also dropped significantly. Any calls related to ordering challenges could be effectively handled with support from the new visual tool — an unexpected side effect that reduced time spent on individual support calls. 

Our partnership with this customer continues today. We continue to support their interactive mobile parts catalog and provide software and consulting solutions that provide a superior online customer experience. 

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