Make Your Products Easier to Order with
enIPS: Interactive Parts Solution

Give your customers real-time access to product information, interactive parts ordering, maintenance plans, and order history with enIPS, a technology that seamlessly connects to your IT infrastructure to make it work the way it was always supposed to.

A Quick, Easy and Cost-Effective Way to Modernize Your Product Catalog

enIPS leverages your existing data systems and integrates your product information into a new digital portal without disrupting your operations in as short as 8 to 12 weeks.


With enIPS, your customers can quickly and easily place orders online, 24/7.


  • Search for parts by model or serial number.
  • View interactive schematic diagrams to help identify needed parts.
  • Access relevant product information, like public BOMs and customer-specific price lists.
  • Track maintenance.
  • Get recommendations for parts they’ll need in the future.

Interactive Schematics to Strengthen Your Catalog
See enIPS for manufacturing and industrial customers in action.

Key Features to Keep Customers Buying From You, Not Your Competitors

Interactive Diagrams

Customers interact with detailed system schematic, add parts to their cart directly from schematic diagrams, and view related links and product information.

Parts Lists

Get a detailed list of parts by product or assembly, plus, generate a PDF of a product’s BOM containing multiple diagrams.

Replacement + Recalled Parts

Quickly identify parts with recalls and replacement SKUs to help customers get the information they need faster.

QR Codes

Link QR codes to interactive schematics on your site. With a maintenance QR code on your product, your customers can find manuals, parts information and maintenance procedures, and order replacement parts or maintenance kits.

Customer-Specific Catalogs

Reduce the amount of time and costs to maintain printed product information. Create industry or customer-specific catalogs to increase engagement and save yourself valuable resources.

Access Control

Limit access to your products and interactive schematics with robust access control systems. Grant access to certain customer groups and certain levels of information.